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get magnetized.

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  1. mia says:


    Mini Poem …

    Squadron of Stun:
    Write ME.

    Ooh, write about me, write me into existing, or write me a letter. LOVE all the possibilities here.

    Write me an almost star (not quite), or write me AS an almost star. Or is it secretly “stare”?

    A soft and sinister be(e). Love that too.

    “The Alien Am.” That should be its own poem.

    “I have come by crash, cloud, and open stream.” Brilliant. Another poem all on its own.

    Name my native fire.
    Name my native, Fire.
    Name my native. Fire.
    N(a)me. In a me: my not-I’ve (fire).

    I’m tired of not having fire. It’s kind of lame.

  2. I suppose the native fire would be the sun!
    I wonder what an “almost star” would look like.
    “crash cloud and open stream” – what a trip that would be!

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