{{moon wither}}

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play magnetic poetry 

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8 Responses to {{moon wither}}

  1. Kir Piccini says:

    I truly love (and look forward ) to this magnetic poetry. I must try.
    In the meantime, you keep filling my soul with musings.

  2. mia says:

    I don’t even want to go past that title. I must, of course. But its a poem on its own. I’m increasingly fond of fewer words being better. If I only have a phrase, I can cling to it all day.

    I don’t think anyone in the history of the world has had as much poetry written about him/her as the moon as. I love that it can be both genders, depending on your mood, too.

    Ooh, Moon Wit Her. Or maybe Moon With Her. (LOL) Swoon With Her. Spoon With Her. Moon, Why There?

    All day. I could do this ALL day. And WOULD if people would leave me alone. 😉

    Bow to breeze. I would be happy to.

  3. DELL CLOVER says:

    These are SO addictive!

  4. I see multiple poems in this one. “whither, wander, murmur” – “night spirit” “secret song” “full bough soul”!

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