verifiable alibi


she’s like the wind
-oh, I threw myself
out of; a giggling, grey
delicate, honest shadow,

the massive reboot per
(ar)-sonal physician
brief impromptu less
-on the Catskill Mountain
trail. she’s

learned to limbo un
-der her own tail, script
the backstreet fray into
some wor(d)king class
entertainment staff substitute
for breath
-taking chemistry (101)

taught by a
sexy substitute. she’s done
with the 54 critics who call her
hack and the monkey she can’t
chase off of her back
-lashed brain and the golf scene
green of fairways she’ll never
see. this un

-cooperative weather has her
tethered to word
of mouth and sharp-eyed doubt
and critiques of (second) class
and gender. she’s highly saxed
and sassed and at this
(beside the)
resorting to guest
appearances to get through it.

all additional camera
and lighting equipment aside,

…………………..she didn’t do it.


my shawna offered up an awesome Dirty Dancing word list.
i used ’em all. 😉

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7 Responses to verifiable alibi

  1. This is really good! “per-ar-sonal” HA! 🙂 I’m imagining she did do it! Or wanted to, anyway 🙂

  2. Shawna says:

    This is so amazing. 🙂 I might need to read it ten times to get the full effect.

    • Shawna says:

      I love how you opened with the song title, turning the wind into a window.

      “a giggling, grey delicate” I think I need one of those.
      I see “the reboot pear so nail fizz-ician.”
      Also, she’s T-railed (instead of D-railed).
      “learned to limbo under her own tail” is awesome … also “her own tail’s crypt”
      “taking chemistry taught by a sexy substitute” makes me smile
      “back/lashed brain” I like that.
      “shar-pei(d), sharpie(d), shar-payed doubt”
      “she’s done with the 54 critics” I am SO feeling this right now. The only thing “54” I want anything to do with is maybe Studio 54.
      “cooperative weather has her” I feel this too.
      “she’s highly saxed and sassed”

      I believe you. I don’t think she did do it. All she “did” was the camera and the lighting equipment. Who can fault her for that?! 😉 Everyone smiles for the camera.

  3. Kir Piccini says:

    No one would put this poem in the corner. 😉
    It was inspired!

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