A Preposition Proposition


All aboard the sun
-shine express, an about
-face ride across the sky.

After you’ve arrived, you’ll
rail against the light
along the other side. Amid
the shine and among the
fray, you’ll (anti)-trend
around the bend, as
clouds give roar at rain
-bow’s end. Before

you trace your trail be
-hind, the ground below
might call your name.
Beneath it all, beside
the breeze, you just
might find something
worth saving.

Besides, you might go
back again, be
-tween the trees,
beyond the glen – but
don’t forget that by-the-by
concerning yourself with all
will end. Considering
the chance for joy, de
-spite the fears that
come down the pike,
we hold ourselves during,
except to cry, excluding
all tears that fall too far.

Following salt
(both for and from),
we speak in tongues
inside cold mouths.
Into the light
our futures come, like
wise old men minus
the gray. Near to our
hearts of fragile stun,
off of the train we jump
on the wagon. Onto
its cart and horse we
fall, opposite of the order
given. Outside the box
we think, and stay, over
the bridge and past the

Per your instructions, I
have moved, plus thought
regarding all of me. ’Round
yonder square, save one
last step, since every shoe
must fall more than once,
I struggle through to swim
toward hope, hold under
-standing in both hands,
peek underneath, unlike
most others.

Until the moon fills up
the sky, upon the black
I’ll type my heart. Me
versus nothing, via
why, with all good thoughts
within, without.

And if you choose to answer
some or all, or even none,
just meet me somewhere
near the middle – slightly
east of north, and south
of west, enough slant of degrees
to heat the earth. But not
so much that we burn
to death.
Quickly has challenged us to preposition ourselves into the world.
I found a fairly comprehensive list of ’em here, and challenged myself to use them all, and in order.

My memory of learning prepositions goes back to a high school English teacher who drew a giant bridge on the board, and then had us call out ways to “relate” a mouse to it. What all could that little mouse do? It was a fun exercise, and I’ve loved prepositions ever since.




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5 Responses to A Preposition Proposition

  1. julespaige says:

    Not being an English major or wiz I think I’d like that ‘mouse exercise’.
    I’ll have to look at your link. 🙂
    I always get stumped by terminology and well …just write.

    It’s always in the angles isn’t it? That is where the angels hide…

    Thanks for stopping by ~Jules

    • Marian Veverka says:

      Is this the right place for a reply? That is amazing! You have created a response that is both instructive and your poem is lovely, too.

      • julespaige says:

        Marian…I am sure that Whimzy will also get your comment.
        However you might also want to go to the box that is under the ‘Use Your Words’ for your comment. As your ‘reply’ came me because you used to box under my comment.

        And yes I also copied the links in this post for the great information 🙂

  2. Well, the most impressive part is that you stuck to them “in order”!
    I remember having to memorize them in 7th grade. The mouse exercise sounds like a much “stickier” way!
    Round yonder square!! Well done!

  3. This is very clever. Comprehensive yet comprehensible. Brava! In Word, I opened the thesaurus and typed “preposition” to see what came up. What came up was “not found”.

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