this just in

{come, lie on my couch awhile, and i’ll tell you a story…}


i just sneezed 13 times!

with a hiccup in between!

did you know that nothing rhymes

with orange, or tangerine?

the sky is falling! the earth is calling!

there’s nothing in between.




prompted by quickly.


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3 Responses to this just in

  1. Okay, Henny Penny! I’m glad that at least the hiccups didn’t hang out.

  2. This makes me chuckle…originally for my poem about the rain, I was thinking about the sky falling…I love how you brought the tempo with this, De!! So fun to read!

  3. Cora says:

    Your title makes me smile: “This Justin.” 🙂 It makes me think there’s nothing in between you and your hubby ’cause you’re super close.

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