Cerulean Snail


Give her a soft-curved shell
and a sweet-cast spell
of breeze and sand and sea.

Paint her a thousand-color sky
and wide-brimmed why
to wear, and breathe, and be.

Lend her a slow, smooth tail
to trace a trail –
a kite through scattered clouds.

Hold her with fragile hands
and give her a peaceful strand;
a small voice to sing out loud.

prompted by poetic asides



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6 Responses to Cerulean Snail

  1. billgncs says:

    very peaceful – this one feels of the sea

  2. Cora says:

    Oh, chica. I am swooning over this. I adore it, to the moon and back.

    I think the title says, “Sir. [Ahem. Excuse me.] You’re leaning on a snail.” Like, don’t you notice how fragile she is? Be careful, bro!

  3. This is hypnotic. A thousand-colored sky would be divine! Beautiful!

  4. Grace Black says:

    Cerulean Snail is such a lovely title! Sets the mood of the entire poem nicely.

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