Definition of Home


Allow me to illustrate
with colored pencils and chalk,
fingerprint hieroglyphics
on sliding glass.

Things get spilled – milk,
tears, songs. We don’t always
know all the words, but we’ve
gotten very good at humming.

Olive green couch, about a billion
years old, full of goldfish
and puppy and kitty fur,
springs frequently tested by
two baby moose junior highers
catapulting their way over the

The back yard is lush and green
and overgrown, our own slice of
verdant heaven, when it’s not
102 outside. We hide under
gentle limbs, watch snails
slugga slugga by. We plant
things that sometimes grow
and hold out hope for those
that don’t, watch color
spring up in surprising

Ten years old and paid
down some, the walls
need painted and the floors
need cleaning, but this
chair’s just right.

And there
are three hearts here
that own me outright.

Quickly, day 5.


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6 Responses to Definition of Home

  1. Your poem makes me smile 😀 I love the chaotic beauty of it all

  2. Okay, the “need painted” reminds me of when I lived in Pittsburgh and they constantly left out the “to be” in phrases like that. However, you could just fix it by saying “painting” to parallel it with the cleaning.
    Love this one – especially the end.
    Own slice of verdant heaven – very nice.

  3. Like for Goldilocks, it is JUST RIGHT.
    I love your line: watch snails slugga slugga by

  4. Misky says:

    Such a wonderful poem. Warmed my heart.

  5. Grace Black says:

    The smart descriptions draw you further into the center of the emotion as you draw to a close. Lovley poem. Brought me a smile today. Thanks for sharing.

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