soul write 5

sunshine tutu her way through
the tulips and barefoot beg this
grass to cartwheel us whipfast
into a long slow summer of cool
nights and fireflies and street
-lights as curfew. She wants a
periwinkle marker and enough
smooth creamy paper to cover
the world. She’s got whip cream
on her chin and she just can’t
care. She’s no longer scared of
the boogieman and she’d like
to invite him to dance. She’s
full of vim and whim and (tee
maybe a little rum because
at least on paper she’s of age.
She hears headbands are all
the rage, so she’s modeling three.

She’s about to go on a poeming
painting ranting raving rhythm
to her blues spree, and you are
cordially invited. She’s gonna dip
her toes in the sea and chalk up
some rocks and see if she can
still skip
(iddy doo da) her way into the day.
She’ll swallow the moon and swoon
at this cobalt sky and run with
(paper, rock)
through the sprinklers.

She’s bustin’ out and without a
doubt she’s about to sing something
slightly off key. She’ll sell you her
threadbare soul for the blueberry
on your Bomb Pop. She’s not gonna
stop spilling and swaying and sashay
-ing herself silly until the sun’s long
snoozing or it starts to rumba rain. She’s
using all 64 crayons and she’s about
to scribble-scumble
herself sane.

Awesome visual and prompt from over at Pink Girl Ink

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13 Responses to Druthers

  1. clustered sky says:

    Sweet, Daddy. I have been CRAVING just such a poem from you. I cannot tell you how gratifying this was to read.

  2. I like the part about asking the boogieman to dance. This is a GREAT summer poem!

    • whimsygizmo says:

      Just now when I read your comment, “boogieman” morphed into “bohemian.” Let’s write a Bohemian Boogieman poem, shall we? All three of us. 😉

  3. clustered sky says:

    I’m gonna come back to read this SO many times.

    This is my fave today:
    “She’ll sell you her
    threadbare soul for the blueberry
    on your Bomb Pop.”

  4. Miss Stacy says:

    oh my, you make me want to throw my flip flops into the air and go barefoot into this world a child again!

    such an endearing poem.

    thanks so much for writing with me at Pink.Girl.Ink. I do so love reading your work…you have such a unique voice. 🙂

  5. elishevasmom says:

    I like this one better than any you’ve written in a while. Nicely penned!

  6. Candy says:

    What a riot of summer memories! Love it.

  7. clustered sky says:

    “She wants a
    periwinkle marker and enough
    smooth creamy paper”

    Every time I read this, I turn it into spoonfuls of peanut butter paper. 🙂

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