Sound is the lull
-aby. Noise is the alarm.

Sound is the hum
of sky. Noise is the storm.

Sound is the strum
of blue. Noise bleeds red
through and through.

Noise is the cough
of Venus or Mars.
Sound is the cacophony
…………..of violent stars.

prompted by Quickly.

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5 Responses to Resonance

  1. I love how you built up these contrasts from small to large – a zooming outward if you will…nicely done, de!! 🙂

  2. Sound and Noise – opposites that switch places at the end there. It’s all in perspective, isn’t it? I love your personification there at the end. As well as the title.

  3. Kir Piccini says:

    I heard every sound….such a beautiful way to describe it.

  4. clustered sky says:

    “Noise bleeds”! I love that! You’re so clever.

    Gorgeous ending: “Sound is the cacophony of violent stars.”

  5. I loved watching the perspective of noise and sound exchange places. Beautiful 😀

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