Ampersand Armband


Pantomime the paradigm
(brother, can you spare a dime?)

Anytime, he chimes,
in his maritime mime.

I’m all aslant, can’t (en)chant
this scant rant
into anything with wings.

Understand, this was unplanned;
my heart’s offbeat, obsolete, un
-manned, etched in sand, worn
on sleeve.

It’s a sign, so I’ll sew
my own – embroider a shrine
that is completely mine
(independence has its charms):

&the right to bare arms.
prompted by Quickly.





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11 Responses to Ampersand Armband

  1. Orchis says:

    “my heart’s offbeat, obsolete, un

    I love this.

    And yes, baring “arms.” Literal and figurative. I feel so different when I’m wearing tank tops than when my shoulders are covered. It’s painful to wear clothes, really.

    The heart should not be tampered with, but we are prone to wearing it on the wrong side of our skin.

  2. Independence really does have charms , (and challenges!!) Love where you poem went, de!

  3. Marian Veverka says:

    A fun one! Great use of words!

  4. I’m all about this. Love the title and line “I’m aslant.”

  5. julespaige says:

    Giggling with delight. With your arms, coats of, insignia original!
    I stuck with the ears…

  6. Candy says:

    Lovin’ bare arms!

  7. That’s a great armband!

  8. I love your fun. But it’s too chilly for bare arms!

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