I’m Half Crazy

Yesterday I completed a cool Poetry Marathon Challenge. Many incredible brave creative souls did a full 24 hours of poeming (24 poems in 24 hours, one each hour). I decided right up front that I would not be able to function/parent/live normal life with any semblance of grace or kindness if I tried that, so I went for the Half Marathon (12 poems in 12 hours, one prompted and written each hour.) I did make it the 12 hours (6am to 6pm, PST), plus 2, before my computer got glitchy and my brain got all twitchy, and my kids wanted to watch a movie together last night after church.

Rather than inundate those of you faithful souls who get my posts by email with 14 separate posts, I thought I would simply divide the stream of poems in half (appropriate), and post them that way. Some of them maybe don’t suck.

Hour 1: An “underwater” poem.
Forsaking lungs, she
flows, knows only her own salt.
The moon pulls her safe.

Hour 2: Five phrases were offered. I used them all.

(a shadorma)

Be honest:
‘good morning’ has teeth,
fraught with fear
-some treasure.
Is land so far? After (h)ours,
soft moonlight spills free.

Hour 3: write a poem with at least 3 ‘fishing’ lines

hook, line and sink her
(a tanka)

she breathes best unspooled,
syllables spilled silver soft.
bait her with a phrase,
line cast out long and ready
into wordpools filled with stones.

Hour 4: Write a genre poem.
Screenshot 2015-06-13 09.13.43

Hour 5: Persona poem
(An Ovillejo. At this point I was still thinking I would do a different form each hour. That quickly went out the window later.) 

Man on the Street with a White-Tipped Cane

I cannot see these blues.
Do you?
The sky’s an empty sea.
See me
with all that I hold dear
sitting here?
A truth I must hold near:
My light still shines,
but you may be blind.
Do you see me sitting here?

Hour 6: Choose from photos given, and write.

Keyholes in Cobblestones

The sun shines best
through the cracks,
through the tracks
of the paths less taken.

Shaken, we stir
the breeze; ask
the trees for ribbons
of things we do not know.

Throw us the glimmer
of a day spent raising
limbs, climbing something
greater than all this skin.

Hour 7: Write a poem using primarily visual images.

Aubaude with a Broken Wing

Dawn brings fractured fragments: a murder
of ebony crows scattered across
a wire, inky feathered music
notes – treble clef, octave, breve.

That incessant sun, he’s a lemon
-orange scorched ping-pong ball
plopping up where he doesn’t belong.

A stone-washed sky
breathes her secrets to
the raw umber of earth
and a skeletal tree clad only
in mismatched shoes.


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17 Responses to I’m Half Crazy

  1. Candy says:

    Bravo! And I’ve only read part 1!

  2. Orchis says:

    I’m only going to read and comment on one at a time so that each gets full justice.

    The last line of your underwater haiku is so powerful: “The moon pulls her safe.” The very first thing I pictured was this beautiful mystical creature having stored all her secrets, treasures, and troubles in a big heavy case. She can’t even carry it herself, particularly because underwater, it would sink straightaway and drag her down to the bottom with it. So being that the moon is her best friend, and is very strong, he carries it for her while she flits around beneath the surface. He watches her from above, dangling her pain from uppermost corridors of the sky. It’s kind of like Jesus, when you think about it.

  3. Amazing! I loved hook, line, and sink her! So creative to take fishing words and “recast” them.

  4. I think I like the last one the best. I love that good morning has teeth – indeed, many times it does !

  5. Marie Elena says:

    I’m just …
    This is just …

    I mean, c’mon …


    Your mind is incredible. I’m just sitting here shaking my head, because there isn’t a thing I can pick out and say, “Oh this is really extra creative.” Or, “Wow, I love this line,” or “OH, this phrase,” or “this concept is amazing” … I’d have to repeat nearly every line of every poem. De, you have a gift.

    A gift.

  6. Yum!!!! A de-light-FULL feast!!!

    I love this:

    “Throw us the glimmer
    of a day spent raising
    limbs, climbing something
    greater than all this skin.”

    What a fun challenge! I want to do something like this sometime I’d have to the half-crazy version, too…I don’t do well on no sleep…;)

  7. Summer says:

    I love this: “she breathes best unspooled” Like really, really love it.

    Love this title: “Man on the Street with a White-Tipped Cane”

    Ooh, nice: “Shaken, we stir
    the breeze”

    “Throw us the glimmer
    of a day spent raising
    limbs” … Like praise and worship, when you really get into it and feel it truly, madly, deeply.

    I seriously adore the poem entitled “Aubaude with a Broken Wing.” Every word.

  8. tsdwords says:

    My friend you always impress me with the quality, quantity and joy you keep in your poetic endeavours. Cheers and congratulations! xoxo

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