Look Out Below

And above, and everywhere
in between. There’s really no
where to hide when the sky
is falling.

We’re calling ourselves
sane under significant stars,
bright spots of wanting. We’re
haunting every inch of this
space, embracing the way
the stones fall,
once thrown.

We’ve known our own broken,
traced the scars, etched the moon’s
crescent into our own un
-quiet skin.

I’ve got a penny in my pocket
that just might buy your thoughts,
or make a tiny wish,
or keep my hungry thumb busy
enough to stay home.

You’ve got a bit of change
to share with me. I can feel it,
jangling. Matching the thump
of my fortune
-telling heart
with a message to bestow:

Look out.
……………Be low.

prompted by Poetic Asides.





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4 Responses to Look Out Below

  1. Lila says:

    I love this: “We’re calling ourselves
    sane under significant stars”

    Great “humble thyself” message.

  2. A great message here. And a great poem because it could be interpreted in a number of ways! I like the switching around in sharing the change here. I like the sane line as well.

  3. tsdwords says:

    Crescendoing into a perfect ending. You always amaze me ❤

  4. Candy says:

    this deserved a reread or two! bravo!

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