in the pink

FullSizeRender 7i think
we’ll stay awhile
and just breathe

in all this blue, be
one with this lakey sea
and see if we can
wave bend mend
the world.


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4 Responses to in the pink

  1. whimsygizmo says:

    That’s my girl, from one of our first nights here. Since then, she has been struggling with tonsillitis and a touch of strep. We’re blessed that my dad is here with us, and is a P.A. Meds on board, and getting back on the mend. Also blessed that though this is our condo on the beach week, this year it’s only our first week in our happy place. Thankful.

  2. PSC says:

    Beautiful! Sending healing thoughts and hoping she’s soon on the mend. ❤

  3. I. says:

    I LOVE your title, and the picture. Your poor little girl. 😦 Thank goodness for your pops.

    Fo sho:
    “see if we can
    wave bend mend”

    I’ll pretend I’m there with you and steal some healin’ too. 🙂

  4. What a beautiful picture.
    And “wave bend mend the world” – very nice. I hope your girl is feeling better and able to enjoy your time.

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