Remember the Tungsten Sky


Remember the last things we said,
the way your head fell toward the door,
even as I was sighing my last good

Remember the hollow, the way we
followed that naughty moon too far,
got lost in all that glow and know

Remember the words you swallowed,
silver clouds too long hallowed,
stunned shadowless by a fragrant

Remember how many deaths we spent
on fragments of thought caught by
invisible strings, silent kites not quite



Prompted by Poetic Asides



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4 Responses to Remember the Tungsten Sky

  1. First, of course, I love your title. But this is another sad one. Remember somehow making it sad. And then especially the last stanza. Somehow I think this is about someone who has died, but I could be wrong.

  2. Grace Black says:

    Just gorgeous!!! By the way just saw the post on PA and you were on a few top 10 lists! Congrats beautiful poet!! Keep inspiring and filling the world with your ink. : )

  3. Aris says:

    This is making me tear up, for some reason. It’s so sad.

    “stunned shadowless by a fragrant

    “silent kites not quite

    These are stunning.

    There’s a tongue in your title too. Bitten or kissed or both. Excellent line breaks, adding so much meaning and layering.

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