7 Responses to because it’s raining softly through a blurry silver sky,

  1. that’s about the most beautiful gripe I’ve ever read

  2. aria onyx says:

    “and lie
    in the grass
    with our anklets crossed” … Yes. Please. Just you and me.

    “let’s hold our breaths
    until they’ve lost us” … They have. Completely. I want no part in any “them.” It’s just me. And you, if you want.

    “all needs met by
    falling waters and lack” … I’m with you, 100%.

    I’m so sorry that you seem to know intimately how I feel. I hate that you’ve walked the same withering paths.

  3. Jennifer G. Knoblock says:

    Oh, dear, needed this today. Thank you.

  4. Dandelion seeds are some wonderful ones! And inhale/exhale saves me daily!

  5. tsdwords says:

    Phenomenal write my friend! So many lines that I loved, such a perfectly misty imaged poem, my fingers felt damp after reading it. ;-). Let’s long for contentment, let resentment fall (like this rain)…did I mention that the meter perfectly matched the rhythm of soft rain-fall?

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