Mixed Bag


This mo(u)rning:
somebody shot some
somebodies for no other reason
than anger and hatred
and pain.

And the political rants
are still a-ranting
and chanting and planting
their seeds of lies and deceit
and illusion.

And there’s never enough
time to write, gotta fight
for these words that save
and stave off the

But my pup’s muzzle
is warm, and these
soft raindrops have driven
away the still
-scorching sun.


prompted by poetic asides


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3 Responses to Mixed Bag

  1. C.C. says:

    Love the internal rhyme in this piece and the ending optimism in spite of it all. Beautifully written.

  2. aria onyx says:

    “u again … nay”

    soft raindrops have driven
    away the still”

  3. Yes, it is a mixed bag. Very true. Communication is wonderful, but also can be sickening the way these stories spread and how they somehow become worth money to some – and yes, then they always open up the door for the arguments to flow along with the horrible images. The last stanza is so true – life remains delightful in its small ways, it is ever so no matter what.

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