please excuse her…

Screenshot 2015-08-28 13.50.46





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2 Responses to please excuse her…

  1. aria onyx says:

    I love this, because yes, rage IS a cage. It does just as much damage (if not more) to the rager as it does to the raged against/at. And of course, put it all on the page, if you can manage it. But also, does the page become a cage as well? If so, why? Because it’s too freeing? Can we tell so much truth that it becomes a lie? Or, has she become a page (a servant)?

    Also, what if “excuse” is a variation of “accuse”? But it has to do with being made an ex … or maybe becoming an X on a treasure map. “Cuse” might be code for “cues,” which might mean signals or it might mean cue sticks, because really: Who doesn’t love a good pool game? And while we’re at it, let’s go swimming too. But then our feathers will have to try so that we can, once again, fly back into that rage/page/cage. Any or all, given our needs.

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