we need some space, ya’ll

(for shawna)



and a place to call
our own, crawl
to for hope and
healing – sans ceiling,
wide sky.

we need a deep breath
and enough depth
to steep ourselves
in words and tea
and sea.

we need a quiet place,
the slow trace
of salt on skin;
the spin of small
wheels, jingling.







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7 Responses to we need some space, ya’ll

  1. Frances Eber says:

    This is your Lake Tahoe space.

  2. “words and sea and tea” – this should be all we need.
    I like the small wheels jingling as well.

  3. Shawna says:

    Yes, exactly. Some little crawl space that leads us out into an open space (sans ceiling). It’s like The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe for grownups! ‘Cause right here, I see adult beverages and some lickin’: “the slow trace of salt on skin.” This is either a margarita, tequila body shots, or a Dos Equis with a lime. 🙂 I’ll take any of the above, thank you very much!

    And thank you, thank you for taking care of me today. I love you. 🙂

  4. Shawna says:

    The small wheels make me think of kid toys, which yes, I do need to find more joy in before these stages have passed. They also make me think of Santa and magic.

    “and a place to call
    our own, crawl” … This is like making a phone call to my brain. The opportunity to be truly alone with my own thoughts.

    I also see “w” heels, because obviously a “w” is wearing high heels! And apparently ones with bells on them.

  5. Susan says:

    LOVE. You speak my mind.

  6. Kir Piccini says:

    Anything that ‘jingles” is okay with me. I loved this.

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