scavenger hunt for slobs

get yer safari guide ready, campers.

we’re ’bout to (im)pale and jaun(t)
-dice this popsicle stand into oh
-on. now,

each of you should have strapped
on your albatross, tossed your
-ter into the trash pile,
jogged your memory
until it sweats itself
silly. have you clipped
on your gnat zapper? flipped
on your headphones? and
(e)quipped yourself with
some semblance of humor?

good. cuz we mean no in
-convenience, but there’s fer
sure a sun
-burned per
-vert in the back
with bi


some fun from a funky word list from my Shawna.


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3 Responses to scavenger hunt for slobs

  1. Brigita says:

    You spelled “time” and/or “emit” in parentheses. I wonder is time is what you’re looking/scavenging for.

    I agree with the double e (cummings) on no W.

    “we mean no, in convenience” … Nice.

    “there’s fur convenience” Ha. 🙂 Oh wait, are you saying “there’s butt fur convenience”?! Yikes. That does not sound convenient at all! (hee hee)

    Or maybe you mean “fear convenience.” Yeah, sometimes people do use fear as a convenient reason to escape difficult situations.

    I see a “burned purr,” which makes me think of the way deviant boys like to harm sweet little animals for no good reason at all.

    Who is this man named Lars? I love that ending. 🙂 Perhaps he knocked on the wrong girl’s apartment door. Something tells me she knows how to destroy dogs just as well as he knows how to destroy cats.

    Goodness, we girls have no time to waste on slobs. Bring on the Popsicle-licking in what’s left of that yummy summer sun, instead.

  2. “jogged your memory / until it sweats itself” – oh boy, what work! That and strapping on your albatross! Yikes. This is hilarious!

  3. tsdwords says:

    I love your playful words. You really let the mermaid loose on this one 🙂

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