hesitation marks

the day sparks new,
and there’s a tiny crescent
thumbnail trail
on her palm,
that worried pause
that sun might shine too
bright today,
reveal too much.

breath catches,
a sky in her chest.
a best guess unanswered.
a best yes not yet given.

give her something she can use:
far-flung lungs
and an un
-quiet smile,
a mile in
(for once, please)
comfortable shoes.



prompted by poetic asides



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3 Responses to hesitation marks

  1. Kir Piccini says:

    Oh I loved this….that moment of thinking…”not today. Today, I live instead.”


  2. The feelings before a run! Comfortable shoes and endless lungs; a mile lost in thought – those are indeed my goals!
    I love “a sky in her chest”

  3. Ha.. yes those comfortable shoes.. how often that is the difference between heaven and hell..

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