lullaby for a slow moon rising


her something low and slow,
some still small song
meant to whisper soft
across milky skin.

our intricate voices
are woven strong, adagio
strains fingerstrung by

it’s ours, this sky. this
swollen lullaby that slumbersails
through ebony waves.

breathe it. be
-lieve it, spill it
into your scars.
it goldenheals
and silversaves.

prompted by poets united




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9 Responses to lullaby for a slow moon rising

  1. Sigh…I LOVE your wordmashes and the “fingerstrung by stars” part…beautifully, de!

  2. ALL these word combinations are awesome – a lullaby indeed. “humbeblow” “fingerstrung” — wow!

  3. Shawna says:

    I think everything I read is about me and my oldest daughter today. This touches me deeply in light of the tearful conversation we had last night.

  4. Sumana Roy says:

    so beautiful word pictures…”it goldenheals / and silversaves.”…wow!!

  5. Jae Rose says:

    What a glorious song to life – slumbersails was our particular favourite…drifting off to pleasant dreams waiting for morning with hope and joy

  6. X says:

    that slumbersails through ebon waves.
    I love that. Having sailed before it is so peaceful, and it made me think of children and their imagination. A book like, where the wild things…and him sailing across to the island.
    humbleblow is a cool mash up word as well.

  7. Mary says:

    I always enjoy your intricate word usage, De. You write in such a way that I want to ‘breathe it.’ Smiles.

  8. alley cat says:

    I love these sections:

    “meant to whisper soft
    across milky skin.

    our intricate voices
    are woven strong, adagio”

    “spill it
    into your scars”

    And “humbleblow” is really just about the best word ever. So gorgeous.

  9. The way you use the word sounds on s an w really makes this into a soothing lullaby..

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