maple syrup festivals

the morning pools in
on too-sweet amber
feet, and i am bic
-ker(n)ing with the sun

stamp me out in
caramel-coated ink,
some sacred link
to a sky unspun.

my morning self
knows map
-led songs, leaves



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3 Responses to maple syrup festivals

  1. Just love the imagery in this one – of collecting syrup! And the play with iambic, and of courses “leaves/sticky /footprints.” Nice job.

  2. Violet says:

    “the morning pool-sin on two” … Love.

    “Sweet Amber!” I love this as an alternative exclamation for other things. You know, like curse words.

    Soooo much love for this: “i am bic-ker(n)ing” … I just adore the way you work journalism terms into your poetry. It makes me so happy.

    “kerning, a gain” … Tighten things up between letters, and get ahead. I like this.

    “stamp me out in” … Nice. 🙂

    Deeply clever, throughout. All those short lines give every word wings and deep, wild leg-splits.

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