Awakening the Ocean

(A Blue-Eyed Aubade)

Kissing the horizon’s bare feet…
– from “Ocean’s Awake,” by Raisha Ramkhelawan



Any good morning begins with salt.

A fault line fallen.
………………………A roar for more.

The moon’s playing
hide and seek again,
and we are lost
in her silvery trail,

Hold the sun
in the branch of your
(hear that crash?)

Leave a savage love
letter for the dawn.



Inspired by the poem “Ocean’s Awake,” by Raisha Ramkhelawan. Kerry over at Toads leads us to her school’s site for inspiration. 







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11 Responses to Awakening the Ocean

  1. Kerry O'Connor says:

    First to last line… this is just beautiful! I do love an aubade, and the image of the sun rising:
    Hold the sun
    in the branch of your

  2. coalblack says:

    A savage aubade? Why not!

  3. Loving the savage love letter!

  4. Leave a savage love
    letter for the dawn…. I howl like a wolf at those words.

  5. Wonderful – I love the imagery – the hand/branch. The savage love letter. Perfect!

  6. The letter for the dawn. Sounds better to remain in savage love, but I think that’s how it always is.

  7. Violet says:

    I love this: “Hold the sun
    in the branch of your” … Your whole self. Your (fill in the blank). Your essence. And this is especially good advice if sun = Son.

    Yeah, I think you’re right: “Leave a savage love
    letter for the dawn.” … Leave the savage love;
    write a letter to hand soap (every morning
    for the rest of your life)
    instead. 😉

    I love that the aubade is blue eyed.

  8. margaret says:

    Sunrise and sunset at the tideline of the ocean? That’s what this reminds me of.

  9. Sherry Marr says:

    Wowzers! I love it! I also love all the inspiration coming from this fantastic prompt, arent you?

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