k e r n i n g, again

if we rip out all the keys
(oh, yes please)
and tease our s(k)in with
words not yet known,
disturb them from their
quiet black thrones
and throw them to
the breeze…

would they re
s n e e z e ?



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2 Responses to k e r n i n g, again

  1. I’d bet they would sneeze, a nice long one! And never return!

  2. Violet says:

    “and tease our s(k)in with
    words not yet known”

    I love the way you make it sound like you’re having a sneaky little affair with words. 🙂 Like literally. I think there’s a guilt in sneaking off to write because you always have to sacrifice time with your family in order to do it. It IS a sort of affair, isn’t it?! If you’re going to have one though, I think that’s maybe the safest way to do it. … Or is it? Hmmm, for people who like words more than humans, maybe it’s actually MORE dangerous. Interesting, girl. Interesting girl. (Hey, that’s a poem starter.)

    “reassemble dance” … Love. Yes, always.

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