Cloud Keepers

We are the keepers
of the clouds, imaginers
of wispy white. See?

That’s one’s a wayward
kite; the other one’s an
elephant with two trunks;

one for break dancing. This
one above’s a drunken boat,
afloat upon a cornflower sea.

We lie about
and count
them, corral
them into cottony
braidings of our
own whim. Swim

in a wave of ivory,
toward a whale epiphany.
I’ll see you on the other
side of that white sand
castle in the sky.

Prompted by OctPoWriMo, day 1. Yep. Shawna found an October poem-a-day place.
And I’m a sucker. 😉 



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6 Responses to Cloud Keepers

  1. Kir Piccini says:

    This verse made my whole day> I want to spend the afternoon keeping clouds.

  2. Plum S. says:

    “braidings of our
    own whim. Swim”

  3. Dawn D says:

    I like this poem!
    Swim in a wave of ivory toward a whale epiphany…
    I could feel myself gazing at the clouds…

  4. I like “we lie about” – like they’re sitting around “imagining” things not quite true!
    That is a beautiful photo!

  5. Oh this is just splendid… The image of an elephant with two trunks. Just the kind of images I would see if I just dared to squint my eyes properly.

  6. tsdwords says:

    We need to lie on our backs, on a boat, together some day. I am floating, after reading your magical words. ❤

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