all ’bets are on


about face,
backwards –
cloud cover be

fear will follow.
glow while you
have the skin for
it. don’t tan;

kick the can, and
mama your way
oh, wait.

place your
quiet heart
right at center.
see? it’s in the bag.

umbrellas are
voices of their own,
woebegone and wanting.
xerox my scars.

………..zig, i’ll zag.
an alphabet poem written for OctPoWriMo, day 12 (working my way backward to catch up after a busy family wedding weekend in Tahoe.)



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9 Responses to all ’bets are on

  1. Love this piece! Quirky, fun and philosophical at the same time.

  2. Shawna says:

    Flipping awesome. 🙂

    “kick the can, and
    mama your way

    “xerox my scars”

    Those are my faves. Oh, and crazy clever title play!!! “All Alphabets are On.” 🙂 Super cute. Makes me think of an Alpha male being involved as well.

    “about face,
    backwards” … So much possibility in this little bit. Text treatment, font. But also, turning one’s face inside out/backwards. Becoming the opposite of what you’ve been. Sometimes that is just a really good way to start over. I love it. OR, if you about-face backwards, maybe you’re right back where you started. Or maybe you’re just turning around in the opposite direction everyone else is … like when you’re taking a workout class and you’re spinning the wrong way. 🙂

    “evidently” = Eve I dent lie … Ouch! This dude punched in the side of my car once … yes, with his fist. So I’m picturing you denting Eve like that. And lying to her to top it off! Or maybe you’re just lying on top of her, and you’re so heavy that you’re denting her. LOL. You’re making her disappear, that’s for sure! Maybe this has to do with blotting out the tendency to sin or be tempted. We should all “dent our Eves,” really. Ooh, eaves. Let’s don’t dent those though. But eavesdropping should stop. I mean, seriously. What is the deal with 12-year-olds needing every conversation they ever hear to be explained to them?! I’m so tired of that.

    “Llama mama” makes me think of “me llamo Mama,” which, at the end of the day, is really the only name that matters.

    “umber ellas”
    “ex — he rocks my scars”

    But still, you know it’s best if he zigs and you zag … it’s probably safer that way. And the kids.

  3. I agree with Shawna – I did not even notice the abc-ness of this the first time through! I love “glow while you have the skin for it” 🙂 This put me in the mood for a rainy wedding with umbrellas!

  4. Grace Black says:

    Just the perfect whimsy touch! 😉

  5. ghostmmnc says:

    Love this! So cute, and you made the ABC form look easy! 🙂

  6. Bastet says:

    Way cool … love the fun in this one 🙂

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