Observations of a Lunatic

What’s the world got
……against in
-sanity? We watch
that lonely moon dance
-less all the way across
the sky, and wonder

Explain for me,
please, the whisper
of the breeze – the things
it needs but cannot say.
Why does it ruffle the trees so?
Can it be so
simple as a song?


have I yet learned
………..the words?




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6 Responses to Observations of a Lunatic

  1. Shawna says:

    Your opening sounds like, “What’s the world got again, Stan?” 🙂 Not much, I’d say.

    “that lonely, only moon dance partner” … makes me picture her partnering with herself … but then her partner becomes Jesus

    “why she wanes” also hides “why she whines, wines, wants, and wades” … Yes, sometimes the moon goes skinny-dipping.

    Also, “wanes” backwards is “see naw.” 🙂

    Explain for me Waynes. Like Wayne’s World. Hee hee. Hmm. Now I want to go on a Wayne-investigating spree. Look for that post later tonight.

    “please the whisper” … Oh, yes. I love that. You should use that as a poem starter/title. Either it’s an act of begging, or it’s a command to please the whisper. And I love that it’s not that you’re pleasing the whisperer, but rather, the whisper itself. Or is it the wisp-er?

    “Explain for me,
    please, the whisper
    of the breeze – the things
    it needs but cannot say.” … Oh my. I love this.

    Also, that indentation at the end draws out “have I yet learned Thee words?”

    • Shawna says:

      I love that you’re looking in a mirror to observe the lunatic. 😉 Or maybe it’s the moon looking at her reflection in a dark and bedded-down-for-the-night lake.

  2. I love this. There is so much we can’t explain. And who’s to say who’s insane?

  3. tsdwords says:

    Amazing how a whisper can ruffle things..and the moon dancing solo, I think she waltzes with the earth, yet she definitely wanes…a lovely sparkling string of wordplay makes me want to go spin in the moonlight and keep our Luna and Terra company. Waxing talent my friend ❤

  4. ihatepoetry says:

    Beautiful and longing – just perfect, as usual.

  5. Just like the moon, the lunacy.. maybe it’s a night and day thing… I think I will call a little to the moon and see how it feels.

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