just this


Screenshot 2015-10-15 13.57.33





Prompted by OctPoWriMo, day 15


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9 Responses to just this

  1. Love your form! Your words ain’t bad either 😉 In other words, I love it!

  2. Shawna says:

    I see a “This Just In” rising up. 🙂

    I also see hidden phrases like “me = easy one,” “himbre” (which is a variation of the “timber” called when a tree is felled), “sindigo ink,” “ink light,” “Hi me!,” and “I think him.”

  3. Grace Black says:

    YES! just this…

  4. I’d say it’s quite enough! Very nice!

  5. Wanda Bates says:

    Simply lovely!

    Thank you for visiting us at poetryofthenetherworld dot blogspot dot com

  6. That would be just enough.. agree.

  7. a few words, enough of emotions.
    superb verse.

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