kinetic energy

we have transformed our weapons
(curious swords)
into something more
than all this deep, bright skin.

the view is fine from here,
a shadowed path of deep
breath and longing.

pick me a daisy, a hazy day bent
sideways, a crazy stem to braid into
the tresses of my trees. allow the breeze
to walk its whisper
through my veins, practice
violin within the quiet
confines of my tears.

we’ve run
out of inelegant sighs,
reprised verses
of the same small song.

(food for thought, love.)

……………….(food for thought: love.)






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5 Responses to kinetic energy

  1. ocean bones says:

    So much love for this. I could literally feel my muscles relaxing while I was reading.

    Have you ever noticed how close “weapons” is to “we-ap[r]ons”?

  2. I see this a s being about how relationships change and we must adapt and change our expectations (quiet confines of my tears) – and it only through this type of change that we can find out about what true love is.

  3. Bravo. Bravo: love.
    What food. what thought, what reprises!
    I thoroughly enjoyed.

  4. Jae Rose says:

    Such a powerful poem that sings it’s own bitter sweet song…i think more sweet than bitter..perhaps true love is knowing each others weapons and vulnerable spots..and tending them..not fighting well spent

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