fiddle music moon

Screenshot 2015-10-23 19.29.36

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2 Responses to fiddle music moon

  1. Unique, and very cool!

    Thanks for visiting me at poetryofthenetherworld dot blogspot dot com

  2. paper sea says:

    I love your title as an imperative sentence with “fiddle” being a verb, a command: “Fiddle, Music Moon.” And I ADORE the notion that this is a music-moon, rockin’ out to dance tunes every night. YES. I have never seen a poem about a music-moon … that I recall. But damn, lots of them should exist, don’t you think? She is definitely a slick-moves kind of wiggler. 😉

    And when you hit the “club” with the music-moon, you get drunk on her (breast)milk. LOL. I’m totes picturing a topless moon sporting erect nipples. Ha. I’m so cray-zee. 🙂

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