pollock jackson black flowing no. 8 1951No. 8, Black Flowing, Jackson Pollock


we scribble scroll crawl
our phrase to page, skull
and hammer and football helmet
daze. origami me ebony, please. i’ve
got an angry pen that needs a good     s   n   e   e   z   e.



 prompted by the mag 

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4 Responses to scrall

  1. Shawna says:

    You’ve got two “gots” in the last line.

    I feel like someone has done this to me: “origami me ebony daze” … and it doesn’t really feel so great.

  2. I think those two “gots” make it like you’re gonna sneeze! And I love that “origami me ebony” – though I agree with Shawna, it probably wouldn’t feel so good.

  3. Bekkie says:

    That was awesome I enjoyed the playfulness!

  4. kaykuala h says:

    One needs the outlet! Never mind if it is just plain scribbles. Like the lighter mood here De!


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