let’s see,

how long shall
and never turn
on the


prompted by toads


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7 Responses to chandelier

  1. paper sea says:

    This is the first time this title/word has made me think of Chandler from Friends. But that’s not really related. 🙂

    see hand? ‘e liar

    There is SO much possibility packed into this tiny poem. Obviously, this married couple swings, but they don’t turn on each other … so far. And in their twisted heads, they still serve God. He’s the light. But they do realize the tightrope they’re walking and that they’re probably going to end up in a world of trouble … and broken glass (and ass, hee hee). Ouch, broken glass IN the ass. Eek. Hardly worth it, eh?

  2. There is some safety in that darkness isn’t it… there is something that the light won’t see.

  3. Susan says:

    Good question. No answer.

  4. Yes…only each of us can answer our own dark flight.

  5. Sounds like a great idea!

  6. True that! Nice one, de…your brevity is perfect for this.

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