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Moon in a Mason Jar

They say she’s just going through a phase, but I know she’s a moody blue, so I tuck her in with sacred limbs, …………snow, and sigh -lence.   .. inspiring visual and prompt from over at margo‘s.   

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Flying by the Seat of My Pants

(into a westerly wind) . True north has spun, and there’s a slight chance I might soon be one with the sky. If you see me fly by, grab a belt (Orion’s? mine?) loop and let’s regroup somewhere on the … Continue reading

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.. I think I am going to need a permission (Freudian) …………….slip of the tongue to re: ……..animate these tired limbs. Perhaps an ACME anvil(lain) to Snidely Whip -lash my eyes open into the must …………………-ache of the day. Paint-box … Continue reading


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when the moon gives a less than subtle nudge

.. when the sky has painted on her most blatant silver smile, dipped herself in indigo silk and inked her way to forever, when all these unabashed stars are connecting the dots and lending quiet constellations to my unmapped heart, … Continue reading

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Trust Me

.. Shed your shoulds, shrug your shoulders and smile at that brilliant sun. Step on cracks, crack open the sky, run with scissors, cut a …………rug. Don’t just smell the flowers, Love. Dig your fingers into …..feral soil, and grow … Continue reading

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