I think I am going to need
a permission
of the tongue
to re:
……..animate these
tired limbs. Perhaps an ACME
anvil(lain) to Snidely Whip
-lash my eyes open
into the must
…………………-ache of the day.

Paint-box me in
your brightest colors; move
me one iota
(I oughta)
(I owe, too)
at a time. Rhyme my
name something that might
actually be re:

Is it December yet? Sprink
-led in powdered sugarsnow, blown
loose by an embittered wind, we
know enough to stay in one slight
place. Trace us here,

chalk outlines
to memorize our spill, fill
ourselves with polyurethane
stuffing, the bluffing of billy goats.

Dig me a moat, a place of de
-tention. Did I mention I shall
be staying awhile?

Look alive, ya’ll.
She’s about to
(see that pen move?)


prompted by poets united





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18 Responses to Suspended

  1. Susan says:

    LOVE!!! Did I whoop that up loud enough? I didn’t get all of your references, but the cartoon images and the knowledge of how animation works is so cool here. I am reminded of “Nude Descending a Staircase” by DuChamp (not the Stoppard play) Here’s the link:
    And what can be more real that these split second and clipped de-cisions? (De-cember, de-tention!). Smile.

  2. Sherry Marr says:

    Oh my goodness! I just posted my poem on the same theme. But not nearly as well written and conceived as yours. I blame my age. I can do that, now. LOL I especially love the Freudian slip of the tongue – so clever! “Lash my eyes open to the must-ache of the day” is brilliant. The word play is delightful and OH! that ending! I feel like I should delete mine, LOL. But I wont because we’re all friends here. Fantastic write, kiddo! I so love it.

  3. humbird says:

    …………………-ache of the day.’ ~ love all your creations in the poem. Fun and Laugh! Sure you feel better now!

  4. Wow. This is so wonderfully written 🙂

  5. Mary says:

    What a beautifully animated response! So much movement in this poem. Ha, looking alive is indeed what animation is about.

  6. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    I absolutely love this De, its so full of spirit & enthusiasm 😀
    Excellent write 😀

  7. oldegg says:

    You certainly played with us in this piece.

  8. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) says:


  9. Myrna Rosa says:

    Love this. Not sure if I’m looking alive, but I’m smiling.

  10. Polyurethane stuffing! Yikes. The title is very appropriate!

  11. thotpurge says:

    Great wordplay here.. love the moustache of the day and the I oughta (iota)!

  12. Victoria says:

    Definitely some smiles here. I especially like “paintbox me.”

  13. Jae Rose says:

    What a joyful piece and behold the smile that came at the end for this reader too…Freudian slips are great aren’t they – just imagine a nice pair of Freudian slippers too 😉

  14. Panchali says:

    -led in powdered sugarsnow, blown
    loose by an embittered wind, we
    know enough to stay in one slight
    place. “— it paints such a vivid and a moving picture, de! Love this!!!

  15. tsdwords says:

    Must-ache, iota, I oughta… So many clever word-plays and images…watch out I’m gonna smile…:-)

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