Palming Stars


Although this crazy world just keeps turning
and the candle just keeps burning at both
ends (when’s
the last time we made a wish?),
although I keep finding myself lost,
tossed in and spun, undone,
although the sun has sizzle-fizzled
out, and doubt has cast a heavy shadow,
although my tongue is tired of saving
things, savoring stings and silence,
although the moon’s a ballsy lass
who just won’t quit waxing
forth poetic, all through
this winter, spring,
some here,

we stayed.
it through it all,


prompted by Quickly in November, day 6




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One Response to Palming Stars

  1. julespaige says:

    I think we can give ourselves extra points for ‘making it through’.
    Although others may not agree – they can go and fade into the shadows.
    I’ll keep you and the ‘ballsy lass’ of a moon company any day.

    Thanks for stopping by my piece on the blankity blank prompt 😉

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