Imperfect for Mass Plantings



We were crocuses in snow,
beholding nothing. Quiet feet
drowning in puddles. River toes
mocking the stones they skipped.
Ill-equipped for silence, we scattered
clouds and waited for the hard rain;
harbingers of less than
spring, and more than

Cool visual prompt from over at Quickly in November, day 12


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4 Responses to Imperfect for Mass Plantings

  1. julespaige says:

    You are describing our last few days of weather…
    rain. Though autumnal. I actually dug up some bulbs and rhizomes this year – in an attempt to save them…for spring.

    It is a pain the sun setting so early.

    Thanks for stopping by my post on the prompt. 😉

  2. Misky says:

    This is simply gorgeous, De.

  3. tsdwords says:

    Oh my. I am so blooming impressed! Love this ❤

  4. Shawna says:

    Magnificent. I can’t read this one enough times.

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