We’ll Always Have

something to fight about, something to write
about. Something to fight for.

Peace to draw on. Peace to share. Reasons
to go. Reasons to stay.

Paris. Lebanon. Broken places. And
broken pieces worth saving.

12195819_10206806549594493_5227162619870502177_nAmazing piece by artist Jean Jullien




Prompted by this amazing piece, and shared over at Poetic Asides November Challenge, day 14



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4 Responses to We’ll Always Have

  1. Very poignant free verse!

  2. drpkp says:

    Simple and simply gorgeous ❤ Je Suis Paris – Je Suis Monde

  3. Estella says:

    I love the last couplet.

  4. PSC says:

    Oh. My. Love this! Loved the amazing piece by artist Jean Jullien when it appeared — and you’ve totally done it justice with your lovely poem.

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