Beyond the First Sign


There was something democratic
about the waves that lapped the dock
like a secret handshake.

It can’t be wrong to love the Lake
while standing on the other side,

Remember the taste of frosting
clouds? Do you hear yourself holding us
hostage as if it doesn’t mean un
-trust. You know

who you are. When there’s nothing
else to do, as the snow
continues to fall,

without a word of explanation
I shall
mail them packages of
(fairy dust)


Prompted by Quickly, day 30. Thankful for the amazing prompts. Whew. 




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5 Responses to Beyond the First Sign

  1. Mercury says:

    Hmmm, I never noticed how close “democratic” and “demonic” are. They must be cousins.
    The title is also “beyond the first sigh.”
    The second stanza makes me think that it’s okay to be lakeside (in a bikini) as long as your “butt” is gone. 🙂 Frosting is only a memory. Probably ’cause she doesn’t eat sugar anymore. 😉
    “Clouds” is a verb. Remember: the taste of frosting clouds (your judgment).
    Do you hear yourself holding us, sea-louds?
    “ho-stage, as if it doe-sent me a nun” (hee hee, whatever that means)
    You know trust. You no trust.
    nothing = who you are
    as the snow wails to you

    I think there’s a lot written between the lines in poetic code.

  2. Jamie Dedes says:

    Charming! I like it.

  3. ihatepoetry says:

    If I send a self-address stamped envelope, will you send me some sand? Very lovely.

  4. drnurit says:

    Love this — the softness, the metaphors: content and firm.

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