Floors, Plans, and Last Stands


They say location is everything,
and so I am watching this apple green
…….(wall to wall shag)
sky for a sign, a kind moment
of un
-coupled grace.

Come, take a peek inside:
all of the essentials are here,
grinning ear to ear
and sliced to vein by the knife
of your tongue. Round out
the square footage
with a few dark corners,
a back
….. (ward)
yard slide,
and boy, you’ve got
something. Clip your name

tag on. It’s gonna be a long ride.


Written for Quickly’s Winter Doldrums, day 11






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1 Response to Floors, Plans, and Last Stands

  1. Varan says:

    This is fantastic. I’m nuts over this one. Especially the first stanza.

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