non grata

(hagar’s boy)


i am the unwelcome one,
the shadowed son
of the handmaid,
the Egyptian outcast.

call me ishmael. father
of broken nations, lesser lands,
blessed less and born
outside the plan.

i have been scorned
and warned of troubles
deep. and yet there is a
covenant. keep me in your

…………………….many stars.


Written for Grace’s awesome persona prompt over at dVerse. Come play! 


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13 Responses to non grata

  1. Ooo…awesome choice…told poignantly, de!! 🙂

  2. Grace says:

    Wow, love each line ~ From outcast to Father of broken nations ~ He too has a destiny ~

    Thanks for playing along De ~

  3. Glenn Buttkus says:

    This story of the expulsion of Ishmael & his mother shows up in the Torah, the Bible, & the Torah; pretty significant. How wonderful that you chose his persona; reminding me of him, & his story.

  4. Glenn Buttkus says:

    That would be Torah, Bible, & Koran.

  5. I always have thought this a sad, somewhat unfair story. But that’s life and you captured it so well/

  6. Mary says:

    i am glad you gave voice to Ishmael. I have always been sad that he was punished so severely for the circumstance of his birth!

  7. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    This is quite touching! Hats off De 🙂

  8. Tribal
    from birth
    to death
    escape within..:)

  9. Varan says:

    You’ve got me swallowing hard already, and I’m only to the parenthetical. My heart has always ached for him.

    “blessed less and born
    outside the plan.” … Wow.

    “and yet there is a
    covenant. keep me in your
    many stars” … And now you’ve drawn my tears.

  10. By moving just shifting the perspective ever so slightly you have made this into something that can touch so many of us… applicable to everyone.. to the bullied, the old.. moving the story to an allegoric level…

  11. ladynimue says:

    Well .. this post gave me so much to read more ..

  12. Bodhirose says:

    I agree with Bjorn. So many can relate to being “outside the plan” in some manner or another. Excellent.

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