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Recipe for Disaster

(and other just desserts) .. The world is made of cheese. Okay, not really. But won’t somebody please fill all these holes with pimentos or pistachios or something? It’s nuts, the way we spin about and shout our art (i … Continue reading

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Persephone Puts on Pants

.. Before she has a chance to doubt the day, she paints her poem pomegranate lips and plays herself a little tune on spiderweb strings; clothes the earth in the under garments of spring.     ..

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this morning’s soundtrack is a peculiar tune

… the drumbeat of the world just isn’t working for her again today. but that’s okay. she’s gonna kazoo her way through.     …

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quirky girl

.. her smile: a sideways slant of sunlight, a long slow curve in a world of right angles. .. Written for Poetic Asides. 

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