The Cotillion on the Corner


Stoplights are spotlights when the streets are your home, the place
you wrap your heart in brown paper bag leftover sway, play

your hum to a tendrilled squaredance sky. Don’t ask her why
she’s lost. Just dance her ’round the sun, meander her home.


A second offering for the Quadrille, over at dVerse. 

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10 Responses to The Cotillion on the Corner

  1. whimsygizmo says:

    I wanted the added challenge of 4 lines, 11 words per line, like a measured dance.

  2. Marie Elena says:

    Amazing. Love the mood and feel of this, and yes … the measured dance.

  3. Grace says:

    Divine formatting De~ I love: Just dance her ’round the sun, meander her home.

  4. Pleasant Street says:

    This feels so nice

  5. C.C. says:

    “meander”—love that word and it goes so perfectly, divinely, with the entire feel of this whole poem.

  6. Oh I love it, like a knight saving the princess from the trolls and dance her into safety… Great additional challenge.

  7. Home oF sAnd
    breathes air of
    dancing trees…
    human heARts
    free alive under
    bridges of soUl..
    oh.. SpiRit.. you grow when
    trees of living become
    dancing legs.. the free
    home withiN.. then
    iN dance..
    of uS.. ariSinG
    aGaiN.. danCinG
    SinGinG.. ways oF liFE..:)

  8. lillian says:

    Four lines of grace. The first two create such a vivid soft picture of a tough tough life on the streets. The juxtapositioning of the gentle words (maybe the length of the lines do that too?) to the life of living on the streets — and your words are spotlighting it like the streetlights themselves.
    And then the softeness of the words “Just dance her round the sun, meander her home.” Beautiful ending. I choose to believe there’s hope in those words. Warmth in the sun……perhaps an invitation for her and us — to bring her home.

  9. Mary says:

    This poem really has a warm feel to it!

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