Excuse me while I dance a Quadrillion Quadrilles.


Seriously. Is there
any force greater than
inertia? Verses spilled.
A one
of syllables,
scattered feet
across a quiet white
floor. Bow
to your partner, now,
dance a humbled jig.

Come, Love. We shall dance
ourselves blank
across this smooth


And then there were four

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8 Responses to Excuse me while I dance a Quadrillion Quadrilles.

  1. kim881 says:

    Spill those verses and syllables some more – they lead a merry dance!

  2. Oh this is splendid.. The last few lines.. Dance ourselves blank across the moon

  3. Grace says:

    WOW, love the ending lines De ~ You are the winner in the # of entries for this challenge ~

  4. Sienna says:

    “floor. B/ow” … This makes me think of how I creamed myself falling at the bottom of the stairs the other night. I hurt myself so badly, but I never stopped to think of what I might have done to the floor. 😉

    “Fluid Or” is a nice phrase, don’t you think? Which easily turns into a fluid door.

    This is very secretly sexy, De.

  5. kanzensakura says:

    Of all of them, I like this best. Excellent ending. splendid poem.

  6. Dancing inertia..
    forward.. backward
    up.. down..
    all around
    inside outside
    all atoms inside
    spinning electrons
    positive ions do tale
    a larGe story in briGht
    eYes of yestermorrow
    now.. de-
    are smAll
    big picture
    tales Uni-
    Verse whole..
    seven more
    words of danCinG
    plus thirty seven…:)

    And PS.. so far now..
    i’ve done 33 Quadrilles
    in response to Quadrilles
    before i respond iN dancing
    poeTry to the prompt
    about responding
    to prompts
    and what
    else.. oh yeah..
    tHeRe iS dancCinG
    DanCinG aGaiN
    and thanks for
    the Quadrille
    dancing prompt.. now 34…:)

  7. Bodhirose says:

    Ha, you did another one, De! “Verses spilled”…”a one two step of syllables”…love that last line, just excellent!

  8. sreejaharikrishnan says:

    Yes, this is splendid. ..loved the closing lines…

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