Cause for Pause


The earth is stirring
(the whole moves; and every part stands still)
her great
round head, hands pressed
deep to ocean’s breast. She’s
allowed her heartbeat to wander
just south of the sunrise,
the moon to dip its golden
cradle into the sea.

We have some small
responsibility to stop
and listen to the click
and clatter of her emerald
skin, the way the day begins
with her eyelash flutter breeze
and the quietude of snails.

She’s a holy teacher,
wholly devoted to mountain
slow and sky lake spill and the still
small voices that speak
in blades, barter shade.

Feel her lifeblood burn
along in sapphire veins,
stain the weathered way
we hold our hollow
and pray for rain.


Written for Quickly’s Winter Doldrums, day 22 


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3 Responses to Cause for Pause

  1. Shawna says:

    Ooh, this gorgeousness sounds like it’s about your mermaid muse! I love it!!! And plus, it’s secretly a little bit kinky in its under-layers. 🙂

  2. A beautifully worded poem and this line, sigh, “and the quietude of snails”

  3. julespaige says:

    Too pause and listen, we all have that responsibility –
    though it seems too few do…

    “toe-tally spent” pure fiction. Fun when we can play with our words.

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