Lingui-stick (Pure Ism)

(misuse of aspiration)



You can’t shake it
at my vocab (you, leery)
or my soul ice(ism)
or my ver(y) nack (you, leer)
ex-bliss-it earthy sway.

Today: spunk. A fraction
of grey. The silver slivered
etiquette of books, savage songs.

Mark the lower classes
absent, but only in the most rest
-icted sense. Mathema-tics make
nervous friends, errors in
judgment and dia
-lect(or) fava bean-counter

Have you met my wild

Perhaps my patronus is a

……..(Charmed, I’m sure.)



Inspired by a fun word list from my Shawna.

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7 Responses to Lingui-stick (Pure Ism)

  1. Everyone has a wild side to be triggered off when prospects of fun are beginning to show. It is living life to the fullest!


  2. Candy says:

    Oh, classic De! How I love this 🙃

  3. Mary says:

    Ah, your wild side comes through clearly! Smiles.

  4. Shawna says:

    I love this description of your lingui-stick. This is insanely clever. Also, I love that your pen can more into an asp. (Makes me think of Moses, going all bad-ass with his staff. And something tells me that with all the power God gave him, he probably misused it a tiny bit once or twice. He was human, after all.)

    I love that opening line: “You can’t shake it.” That sucker’s mine! Hands off, bitches! LOL. 🙂

    I KNEW you’d do that with “solicism.” 🙂

    So much love for this section:
    “or my ver(y) nack (you, leer)
    ex-bliss-it earthy sway.
    Today: spunk. A fraction”

    When I’m in a pissy mood, there’s nothing I’d rather do than spunk a fraction. 😛

    “but only in the most rest
    -icted sense” … This makes me think of Ted and Sylvia.

    Oh man, I love this:
    “Mathema-tics make
    nervous friends, error/s in” … I never noticed that “ma” in “mathematics” before (I don’t think …). Love it.

    Ha ha ha. Sneaking in that “Hannibal Lecter” is my fave!!! And that hanging “silence (of the lambs)” right below … SO clever, girl. SOOOOO clever.

    Those hanging-single-word lines have me curious. Together, they say “silence, side pen.” This makes me think that you’re ever trying to quiet that wild pen, but she just won’t let you. And yes, your pen is DEFINITELY charmed!

    Also, in that hanging solitary “side” I see “es id,” which means you and I have ids that are twinsies. 😉 And they are also dise-ey(e).

    I made more lists. I hope you’ll find time for them.

  5. drnurit says:

    All your sides are just charming, De…

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