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star sisters

  play online magnetic poetry here.       

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sugar, spun

.  she is flung, thread-thin and gossamer -gone. paint her rasp -berry bubble gum pink, drink her poured over ice, shaken slight, stirred twice.   .. A Twitter poem for Mama Zen’s Words Count prompt, a play it again toads.

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What Say Ye?

We entertain the mad. They whisper. – from “Tea Ceremony” by G.C. Waldrep .. Drink me …….(shrink me) down to nothing -ness, the best guess bliss of stirred honey, quiet leaves left.   Think me ……(blink me) sane, in small stages … Continue reading


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photo by Francesca Woodman   . The world’s all web sugar spun and stale rum -bled drunk, shrunk to a curious sway by her last twirl-stirred turn. You can no longer see her face, but the smudge she leaves is … Continue reading

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Ma Noon

.. Too soon, she notices that her children (wisps of cloud, fallen stars) have left her loose in this bright sky. Why not try to gather them home with sunspilled silken spider web net? And yet she knows it’s time … Continue reading

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The Oracle of the Interrogative

(a found poem inspired by 10 questions for the universe) .. Why is the sky blue? an embarrassment, a robot programmed to destroy, a dying planet Why does the caged bird sing? wishful thinking the landlady slips under the door … Continue reading

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