The Oracle of the Interrogative

(a found poem inspired by 10 questions for the universe)


Why is the sky blue?
an embarrassment,
a robot programmed to destroy,
a dying planet

Why does the caged bird sing?
wishful thinking
the landlady slips under the door

How many licks does it take?
honest labor
the virtue of man un

What is man, that you should think of him?
beautiful women come
and tell you
to stop staring
or else

What’s the story, morning glory?
we waited for a nu-clear winter
that never came

What’s the frequency, Kenneth?
the women hum
to drown their hunger

Don’t you want me, baby?
Who cares if it flies crooked,
as long as it’s got wings?

Who wrote the book of love?
The immediate will happen, fin
-ally. It does not license you
to be a gypsy

When did he when did he when did he?
street-smart: dialing a number,
proof that you tried

Where do broken hearts go?
You pour it by day, when you re
-turn the next
it is changed,


Process notes: Miz Quickly has invited us to make a list of 10 questions, and then head over and ask the “Oracle.” Click over to see how this works. The serendipity of things like this pleases me mucho. 


Hard to cite them all (and I greatly tweaked many), but I feel I must say that the gorgeousness of
“the women hum
to drown their hunger”
came from a beautiful poem by Katherine Leyton, Body.
Gratitude to Miz Q and the Oracle, for leading me there. 




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17 Responses to The Oracle of the Interrogative

  1. Misky says:

    What a stunning collection, De. I am in love with ” What’s the frequency, Kenneth?
    the women hum to drown their hunger” That’s just jaw-dropping.

  2. This is so much fun… and I do recognize the questions.. I have to say that the answers are better… but how can we ever find the question to fit the answer 42…

  3. Shawna says:

    The first three are priceless.

  4. Marie Elena says:

    Your brain. Your BRAIN! Oh how I want some.

  5. julespaige says:

    The last line in mine should have read (I fixed it):
    “that word, ‘legs’ is the kicker… maybe it should be ‘balls’.”

    Yours… you had me laughing out loud at several.
    Hubby asks; “What?” when I laugh out loud… how can I explain?
    As simply as I can… *giggle*
    Very enjoyable.
    Yes I like the woman hum to hide their hunger also.

  6. I think you’ve answered the questions as clearly as any oracle does.

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