2 Responses to Marked

  1. flower girl says:

    Ha ha. Love your tags. 🙂
    And A-MEN. That’s a completely “prodigal” sort of “Amen,” of course.

    All those multiple meanings … in the title. The book of the Bible. Marked, as in chosen by God. Marked as in, I just put a target on my back for Satan to come after me.

    Gospel, go spell. 🙂

    “matte hue” … You little sneaky sneakerson. This is “Matthew” in disguise. I love this little camouflaged gem.

    Seriously, though. This just touched me, deep and wide:
    “some matte hue to hide her,
    slight and small, un
    …………………………..-stained” … It’s so funny (or not) that we run so far, trying to find a hideout, only to find out that the best “hideout for truly being ourselves” actually IS in the gospel … the real gospel. Not the religiosity of it, but the bare-bones, I suck and you love me anyway kind of gospel. The real Jesus.

    Ha ha. I never thought about Luke hiding out inside of lukewarm before. How perfect is that, though? God hates us to be lukewarm, but he KNOWS we’re gonna end up there. So who does he plant right in the puddle but Luke himself … and his words. Doctor, doctor.

    I love, and completely identify with, that priss(y) teen. I don’t think I’ll EVER grow out of being her.

    John, diced. Ew.

    Also a lukewarm poodle. Hee hee.

    Mar Ked(s). Those are tennis shoes that can run on top of the water … to Jesus.

    Un-Tammied. I feel like she represents the “bad girls of the Bible.” This Tammy.

    • whimsygizmo says:

      You are THE best. I adore you. Feel free to go back to your comment hiatus. I miss you, but I understand. I just knew you would truly “get” me on this one. Da Bomb.

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