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fin ally

… this maid? she’s mer. see her spangled tail, her eyelash salt? she swims, she skims the surface with her syll -ables and song. give her a moon spilled dark, the quiet spark of waking sun. she’ll thread her lack … Continue reading

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Lull & LOL are Not the Same

.. I laughed out loud today. At the absurdity of life, the cotton of the sky’s white lull. I have a million things to tell you, but they all feel small; none human enough for laughter, nor clear enough to … Continue reading

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As this day takes its final breath

.. , awash in crimson scrim and curdled sky, I hope that I will have been still, leaned into the hammock of Your will, and held my self with gentle (mostly empty) hands. I hope I will have sat and … Continue reading

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