Some, Much


So much depends upon
the way the sky slants,
the way her heart rants
and rages to page.

So much deepens up
on a day that’s all side
-down and stilted smoke,
worry-withered bloom.

So much deep
ends the way she smiles,
the miles she trudges
in sensible shoes.

Some much
-ness deepens itself
in ink, flows only in the
spaces we find ourselves

……………… (so)
……………… (much)

more un
-stained, sane,




Fireblossom over at Toads has us pondering WCW’s Wheelbarrow poem, and pondering ‘so much depends…” Come play. 

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34 Responses to Some, Much

  1. whimsygizmo says:

    I also see this today:

    So much De,

  2. Oh you really made the most upon those first words… I think there’s a lot more important things than wheelbarrows in life.

  3. I could eat this for dinner!!! I love the way you change up the phrase and then bring it all together in the end…makes my brain so happy. Thank you, de…for dessert!

  4. After reading this poem many times…I’m embarrassed to say that now, finally, I see…the chickens…they depend on the red wheelbarrow for water.

  5. Sherry Marr says:

    I especially love your opening stanza……..perfect!

  6. thotpurge says:

    Got to love the slanted skies and side down days!

  7. Shawna says:

    I find that poems that seem to say nothing can actually say the most of all, if you’re really looking.

    Like your title alone hides “So me … so much” and “sew me, much.” In other words, “this poem is all about me. When you’re finished reading it, you’ll see how broken and ripped apart I feel, how made-of-flimsy-worn-cloth, and please please please, won’t you then take the time and lovingkindness to slowly and skillfully stitch me up?” It also says “Some Muck.”

    When a poet can’t say what he/she really thinks and feels, he/she uses code. Sometimes seemingly impossible to read code.

    “So much deepens up
    on a day that’s all side
    -down” … This is when you’re completely flattened, like a roughly used packing box, wet and soggy in the rain.

    “stilted smoke” is a strange phrase, so obviously it tells a world of story … you’re probably the smoke, or someone you lean on is … or both. The smoke is held up by stilts; it could all come tumbling down at any moment. It’s also S-tilted. That would make it a smoke snake. Or a snake smoke. Maybe you’re on your cigarette break at work, and you have just flipping had it with your day/job/life. The pages make me think of working for a newspaper. Maybe someone writing stuff she doesn’t really want to be writing; she wishes she could write freely, about whatever topics she wants — no limitations, restraints, or fear.

    “worry-withered bloom.
    So much deep” … In this alone, there’s a bee flying around this withered flower. There’s so much hidden depth to their relationship, but she’s worried it into dying. Or at least, killing her.

    “So much deep
    ends the way she smiles” … Brilliant.

    “ness deepens itself” … This hides a Loch Ness monster, which she sees herself as. She deepens herself. She depends on herself. She calls herself an IT because she doesn’t feel human.

    “in ink, flows only in the” … This rewraps as “flows only in thin ink” and “flows only in Thine ink.” Also, I see “flowers only in …” That’s what she does half the time: flowers inward.

    Toward the end, I see “sow muck; more run.” The more yuckiness she plants, the more times she will have to run. Also, perhaps running from mores. (Never from smores.)

    “stained sane” … Jesus’ blood. It’s the only thing that saves. Not only spiritually, but also mentally. He’s the only antipsychotic that has ever healed her.

  8. Kerry O'Connor says:

    I so admire the way you have worked with the key word here, and brought along a few homophones to add strength to meaning. really fine poetry.

  9. Very clever way of extending the usage and meanings of ‘depends’, De! Never thought of it that way. Very innovative!


  10. coalblack says:

    I like that second stanza the most.

  11. ihatepoetry says:

    This was a challenging, and ultimately revelatory and inspiring read.

  12. “So much deep
    ends the way she smiles,”

    Really interesting – and a whole lot to think about in this poem! Well done.

  13. A synopsis of life and how to greet it…lovely!

  14. Rommy says:

    I really enjoyed this. Everything (the play on words, the construction of the lines) is working well together to get across the meaning.

  15. Makes me linger in the sounds of the words. Beautiful, De and I will be back to read the links.

  16. humbird says:

    Love spaces where we are safe….but we create them…right?

  17. Helen Dehner says:

    I used a photo my grandson snapped to illustrate my poem … your lovely poem describes his photo beautifully.

  18. Beautiful, De. The second and third stanzas are my favorites.

  19. ManicDdaily says:

    Writing is definitely a savior. Well done. k.

  20. Marian says:

    So great, De. Thank you so much for this whole post. Wonderful and appreciated.

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